Workshop #4 > Neighborhood Networking

Thursday, July 25 > 6:30 pm-9:00 pm


Waverly Heights Congregational United Church

3300 SE Woodward Street, Portland, OR 97202

Schedule Overview:

  • 6:30-6:40 pm > Arrival – registration, browse tables
  • 6:40-6:45 pm > Introductions
  • 6:45-7:10 pm > Speaker #1 – PREP/Liz Bryant
  • 7:10-7:50 pm > Speaker #2 – MYN/Stevie Bullock
  • 7:50-8:00 pm > Break
  • 8:00-8:30 pm > Speakers #3 – Block Connectors:
  • 8:30-8:50 pm > Speaker #4 – NET/Jeremy Van Keuren, Hanmi Meyer
  • 8:50-8:55 pm > Series Closing Remarks!
  • 8:55-9:05 pm > Raffle//Browse tables, connect with neighbors

Speaker #1 – Getting Prepared with Your Neighbors > Liz Bryant/ PREP Oregon

Once your own family/home is prepared, PREPOregon can help you and your neighbors get prepared together so you can provide each other with moral support. Liz will give tips on how to get your neighbors involved in preparing their households. She will also review the PREP handout that we have been giving out at each workshop and the “Host Kit” for your first neighborhood meeting.

Speaker #2 – Mapping Your Neighborhood > Steve Bullock//Multnomah County Office of Emergency Management

Using the Map Your Neighborhood booklet, you and your neighbors can plan how to help each other effectively after a disaster. Steve will teach you how to use MYN to learn to work together as a team.

Speakers #3 – Block Connectors > Callie Jones, J’aime ona Pangaia, Kathleen Clarke

Connecting with your neighbors helps to build resilience!

Callie > What are some ways to connect to your immediate neighbors? Plan fun events to get to know each other: SEUL has block party info and funding, walking groups, coffee dates, potlucks, play dates, etc. Future discussion/round table to brainstorm what Block Connecting could be and how it would connect back to NET and the RNA.

Locals talk about what they are doing:

J’aime ona Pangaia > J’aime will explain the methods she used to get her neighborhood together and how it is working.

Kathleen Clarke > Kathleen will discuss the different types of people one might encounter in a neighborhood and show the maps her neighbors made with the MYN guidelines.

Speaker #4 – Neighborhood Emergency Teams > Jeremy Van Keuren – NET/Portland Bureau of Emergency Management

What are Neighborhood Emergency Teams (NET) and how do they function? Jeremy will discuss the opportunity for free training and the recent changes to NET and how members will interact with their own neighborhood. Jeremy will also explain/clarify the Communication Nodes card that we all received in the mail.

Hanmi Meyer will introduce herself as acting Richmond NET leader.


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